Above: Jacob Bradshaw and Joshua Buice are happy because all the TVs and electronics are loaded on the truck at the end of the day.  Shown also are Ben Dibble from Pack 21 and Eric Lynch (Co-Owner) of RecycleUSA-LLC.

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Matthew Thornton School Londonderry

Erin Chinni, a teacher at Matthew Thornton, coordinated the event.  "We work with RecycleUSA, and people who have electronic parts and equipment that they no longer need can come here and drop it off and give a donation to help recycle the equipment.",  she said.  "RecycleUSA takes it and shreds it and recycle the parts and components responsibly.  I know of some places that will take the electronic parts and just dump it over seas."  

Matthew Thornton raised a total of over $3000 for their school with RecycleUSA.

Boy Scout Pack 21 Hudson

Ben Dibble from Pack 21 says "This was a fabulous fund raiser for our Pack.  The guys from RecycleUSA were great & easy to work with.  They gave us all sorts of paperwork ahead of time, and told us what to expect.  They brought a truck, signs and everything they needed.  We just advertised in our local paper, "Facebook" and got the word out to our Cub families.  The day of the event, we provided traffic control, and helped unload the cars/trucks.  RecycleUSA let us handle the money, and asked that we keep track of what was collected.  We did our final accounting, and sent them a check for the items.  It was super easy!"

Pack 21 raised over $2500 for their troop!